create a mini golf course

how to create a mini golf court in your back yard

Creating the holes

First off, you must analyze and decide how many holes will actually fit in your backyard. Afterward, decide each hole’s location. Rummage around the house for unused items that you can use as holes. This will save you money. In case that you are willing to spend some money, invest in outdoor carpeting on each hole. It will give your backyard golf court a finished appearance. Also, you can opt for grass. But this means that you will have to take care of mowing the grass regularly for it to accommodate your golf game.

Add tunnels

To give your mini golf court dimension, create tunnels on some of the holes. To create the tunnels while staying on a budget, buy inexpensive PVC pipes. Dig holes and install the PVC pipes below ground. You can even let the kids participate in this process, allowing the small ones to dig the holes needed for the tunnels. Kids like to play in the dirt anyway, so they will surely have fun while helping you.

Finishing touches

You can use the terrain of your backyard to make the golf court more interesting. If you have changes in elevation, place some of the holes in those areas to create breaking putts. Also, you can create sand traps by buying sand and placing it strategically in 3-foot holes that you dig. You can even add a water hazard by embedding a container filled with water in a location of your choice. If you want to get creative, make the holes out of small flowerpots that you bury for their rims to flush with the surface of the ground.

Buy golf equipment

Before you start playing the game with your family, it’s clear that you need to purchase the right equipment. Buy appropriately sized golf club sets for each member of your family. Also, if you want to get better at playing this game, invest in golf swing analyzers. These gadgets will offer you the possibility to analyze every detail of your swings, enabling you to learn from your mistakes in order to improve your game. Therefore, if you and your family members want to be decent golf players, make sure that you purchase golf swing analyzers for everyone.


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