getting rid of ivy on a house wall

The Downside of Growing Ivy on Building Walls

I never imagined I would be searching for lift hire information at 3 in the morning on a Tuesday, but that is exactly what happened recently. As some of you know, the tremendous ivy I had growing up the entire front of my home was in fact my pride and joy.

While I was not the one who got it going originally, that was well established by a previous owner, I have been an avid fan of it. Well, that was until I learned that the creepy crawly stuff had begun to do serious damage to the homes facade.

From the moment I received that news I went on a quest to remove it immediately. It haunted my thoughts day and night, and it simply had to go.

My impatience took over last week, and although we had scheduled professional help to take the vines down, I took matters into my own hands. That is why I found myself searching for lift hire. As soon as the lift arrived I bolted outside and began my personal war against the intrusive greenery.

I am very happy to say that after two full days of work it is all finished, and this is my word of caution. Think long and hard before you grow ivy directly onto the walls of any building.





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